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July 2012

"Hi Lauren

Just wanted to say thank you and it was so nice to meet you! You rock! I woke up this morning without pain in my neck and traps for the first time in months!!"

-Laura K. Windham, NH



October 16, 2008

“Lauren Baldigo, LMT cares deeply about providing her clients exactly what works for them -- there is no "one size fits all" approach. She takes great care to find out what is going on with them, both physically and in other areas, and works with them to create a custom treatment plan. She mixes and matches the tools of her trade to come up with this custom treatment for each person, then implements the treatment with care, detail and attentiveness.


Although I have often been on the client side of Lauren's work, I have also had opportunities to work as a colleague, and this has given me additional insights to her work which allows me to highly recommend her as a massage therapist. You will be in good hands!”

-Laura G. Clifton Park, NY




September 1, 2008

"I have been going for massage therapy for 25 years. Sometimes for relaxation, sometimes to alleviate pain and stress. In that time, I have experienced a variety of styles. Most good, few exceptional.


Several months ago I enjoyed a massage with Lauren Baldigo, LMT. It was awesome. Lauren is blessed with a smooth flowing style with just the right pressure. I was totally relaxed and comfortable. Her massage seems to exude warmth and love. You know those times when you are so relaxed it is difficult to rise from the table.


I previously had seen a practitioner on a regular basis, whom no longer practices. I did not think I would find another who could reflect her style and expertise. I have found that in Lauren, and I am grateful. I would recommend massage with Lauren to anyone who enjoys total relaxationand healing."

-Paula F.




May 2008

"I am a 54 year old (and admittedly overweight) woman who works as a teacher of preschool children with autism. My job is very stressful both emotionally and physically, requiring me to sit on the floor or in very tiny chairs for 5 hours a day. The children can be aggressive and uncooperative, and when I am not working with the children I am commuting to their homes. Needless to say, this work environment takes a harsh toll on my lower back, neck and shoulders.


I have been to many massage therapists over the years and Lauren Baldigo's techniques have kept me able to continue a job that I love. She is warm and professional, and knows how to evaluate me in such a way as to address my most serious problem areas. She always begins our sessions with a conversation to assess my needs. Her ability to listen attentively and address sensitive areas is one of her most impressive talents. She also takes the time after our sessions to discuss with me anything she may have found.


Lauren is the only massage therapist that I have seen who is able to skillfully combine Shiatsu and other Asian techniques with Swedish massage. Her ability to combine techniques has been extremely helpful in addressing areas of my body that have been injured at work. When I was having a particularly difficult time with my shoulder, she used a technique called cupping which, while seemingly very strange to me, worked brilliantly.


In conclusion, I highly recommend Lauren for her combination of technical abilities as a massage therapist and her friendly, professional demeanor."

-Melanie, Mechanicville NY