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Have you ever been interested in the music you hear during your session or the possibility of getting some of the same relaxation results at home? I've put this page here to give you the opportunity to purchase items that may help you when you aren't able to come in right away for a massage with me. I have included items that I personally use or that have been recommended to me by other therapists and clients. I hope to add more in the future. Let me know if you'd like to see something included here! Don't forget that I also sell my own all natural therapeutic bath salts and lip balms! They make wonderful gifts for anyone and are available for purchase at my office. As I only make small batches at a time the selection may vary. "Like" my Facebook page or contact me to find out what I have in stock!

If you are interested in Aromatherapy, I highly recommend visiting Mountain Rose Herbs. I purchase all of my aromatherapy products through them as they have the highest quality 100% pure, all natural (and many organic) essential oils I have been able to find. They also have a huge selection of bulk tea and spices for cooking!

My disclaimer: I am a proud affiliate of Mountain Rose Herbs and and I do receive a very small percent of each sale resulting from this page.

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PLEASE NOTE: I have closed my practice due to needing to care for my son. If you have a Gift Certificate or Package of sessions, you may redeem them with any one of my colleages. Visit the Massage Therapists page to find out more about them, or contact me with any questions. 8/15/16

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