Frequently Asked Questions

*If you do not see an answer to your question here, please contact me. Other's may have the same question.


  • What should I wear?  If you are coming for a relaxation or therapeutic massage, then you do not need any special clothing, just something you can easily get in and out of quickly. If you are having a Shiatsu, Table, or Chair massage session you should wear loose, "stretchy" clothes that are comfortable and easy to move in, such as sweats or yoga pants and a t-shirt. You may bring clothes to change into if necessary. Please remove jewelery/watches before getting on the table (a dish is provided for you to place it on), and tie back long hair to avoid it being pulled and/or covered in lotion. Every effort will be made to keep the lotion from getting in your hair or on your clothing.

  • What can I expect during a session?  When you arrive I'll give you a health intake form to fill out if you have not done so prior to your appointment. Once finished, I'll bring you into the massage room to go over the form with you, and ask you what areas you'd like focus on, or that you prefer not to have worked. I will explain the order in which I plan to work, and answer any questions you may have. Next, I will ask you to lay face up or face down on the table under the sheet, then step out to allow you to undress and get on the table (if you are having a clothed session, I will remain and begin the session immediately). You may leave as much clothing on as you wish. You will always be modestly draped with only the area being worked exposed. I will knock to see if you are ready before I come in.

    During your session I will check in with you periodically regarding the pressure and the temperature. Please feel

    free to speak up at any time if you feel discomfort or need something changed. You may make changes to the

    session at any time during your session if you need, and I will keep you updated on how it may affect time for work

    on other areas. You may talk if you like, or simply close your eyes and relax to the music. When the session is

    finished, I will quietly thank you, remove the bolster, and step out of the room. You should take your time getting

    up to avoid any dizziness, and get dressed. A mug of water will be on the table for you; please drink it as it will help

    flush out the fluids and wastes that have been moved out of the muscles during your massage. Once you are ready,

    simply open the door and I will come in to review your session with you. I will ask how you feel, and ask for any

    feedback you may have. This is your chance to let me know if there was anything you especially liked or didn't like

    during the session! I will mention anything I noticed during the session, and possibly recommend

    techniques/stretches for self-care. At this time, you will make payment and possibly schedule your next



  • Last time, the therapist used too much/not enough pressure; didn't work my _____; got oil in my hair, etc. How can I make sure this doesn't happen again?  Always remember that it is your session and be sure to let me know exactly what you want and don't want. If you are not sure what you want (especially if this is your first time having a massage), let me know how you would like to feel afterward. Always feel free to speak up during the massage and give feedback about pressure or what area you would like worked/not worked. It is my job to make sure you receive the session that you want; you won't hurt my feelings!

  • What about eating/drinking before/after the session?  It is a good idea to have a light meal 1 to 2 hours before the session and refrain from drinks with caffeine in them. After the session, we recommend drinking plenty of water to help flush out the waste (such as lactic acid) that was pushed out of the muscles and into the blood and lymph systems.

  • How can I pay? I accept cash and checks (made out to "Lauren Tedford") as well as credit cards/debit cards and HSA (Health Savings Account) debit cards. However, should you prefer to prepay for your session you may do so either when you use my online booking system, or you may also purchase a Gift Certificate or Package for yourself by clicking on the "Buy Now Gift Certificate" button at the top of the Home page or Services page. The online payment services both utilize the Paypal system which does not require you to have an account.

  • Should I leave a tip?  While tips are greatly appreciated, they are not expected nor required. If you are happy with    your session, why not rebook with me and tell your friends and family instead of leaving a tip? I gladly accept referrals!

  • Massage can be expensive, are there any discounts? I offer a couple ways for you to receive a discounted price on your massages. They are through prepaid packages and frequency cards. Please see the Discounts page for more information. However, if you have financial concerns and still would  like to make massage/bodywork a part of a regular health maintenance routine, please speak with me directly. You may do so by scheduling a free consultation appointment with me and we can come up with a plan that you feel comfortable with.

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PLEASE NOTE: I have closed my practice due to needing to care for my son. If you have a Gift Certificate or Package of sessions, you may redeem them with any one of my colleages. Visit the Massage Therapists page to find out more about them, or contact me with any questions. 8/15/16

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