Special Deals

These offers are intended to help you receive the benefits of massage and bodywork on a more regular basis. They may be set up or purchased in person at my office. Sorry, but these discounts may not be used with Chair massage, Couples Massage sessions, gift certificates, or any other offer. Rates are subject to change at any time. Please contact me for more information.

  • Frequency Card

You will receive a Frequency Card and for each full price (non-discounted) session you pay for you will receive a stamp for each half hour. Example: pay for a 1 hour massage and you get 2 stamps; pay for a 90 min. session and receive 3 stamps. After you have paid for 5 hours of massage, you will receive 30 minutes FREE! You may use your free 30 minutes as a single session, or add it to another session. For example, you may upgrade to a 60 min. session and pay only for a 30 min. session, or you may add your free 30 minutes to a 60 min. session and receive a 90 min. massage for the price of a 60 min. session!


  • Standing Appointments

If you agree to a minimum of three preset appointments with me every 1, 2, or 3 weeks, then you will receive $10 off each 60 or 90 minute regularly priced session. For 30 minute sessions receive $5 off each regularly priced session. This may be set up with me after your first full priced session. If you miss an appointment, your next session will be full price. If you have trouble keeping to the agreed upon schedule of appointments, and another schedule cannot be worked out, your rate will return to full price. Can not be shared with anyone else.


  • Prepaid Packages

If you would like to not worry about having to pay after your session, and wouldn't mind a discount either, why not purchase a package? These packages are paid for up front, and may be used whenever it is convenient to you. You may purchase available packages in person or by clicking the button to the right:


Three Packs:                                                                              Five Packs:  

30 Min. Massage or Shiatsu Session x 3 = $90                  30 Min. Clothed Table Session x 5 = $125

60 Min. Massage or Shiatsu Session x 3 = $180                30 Min. Massage or Shiatsu Session x 5 = $150

90 Min. Massage or Shiatsu Session x 3 = $270                60 Min. Massage or Shiatsu Session x 5 =  $275

                                                                                                          90 Min. Massage or Shiatsu Session x 5 = $425


Packages are non-refundable/non-redeemable for cash. See my policies. If purchasing as a gift, please be sure the recipient already enjoys my work. If they have not had a session with me, consider a Gift Certificate instead. Packages may also be purchased at my office. Please contact me to arrange this.


  • Referral Program

For each new client you refer to me, you will receive $10 off your next session with me! Simply give them my business card with your name on the back, or ask them to mention your name when they come in and I will make a note for the next time I see you. If you refer five people, you will get a free 1 hour session!
*Must be a new client and not a gift certificate or prepaid package recipient.*